$1,250,000 Settlement

Attorney Goetz recently settled a case for $1,250,000 without filing a lawsuit. It was a motorcycle vs. car injury case involving a 21 year old student who was injured when a 65 year old man made a left turn at an intersection, in front of Mr. V. The elderly man said he almost missed his turn and as a result he turned left at the least second. Mr. V had no time to brake so he hit the car at 30 mph and flew over the car and hit a utility pole. The driver of the car had a $250,000 liability policy and a $1,000,000 umbrella policy and attorney Goetz was able to discover the umbrella and get the full policy limits for Mr. V.


$1,900,000 Settlement

Dean's client was a paraplegic due to a motorcycle accident that had occurred several years before.
The settlement required Dean set up a Structured Settlement for his client. More About This Case>>


$8.3 million dollar jury verdict

Kransky vs. Depuy March 8, 2013 Los Angeles Superior Court. Jury found the Depuy hip replacement device was a defective device and awarded Bill Kransky $8.3 million in compensatory damages. Dean Goetz and John Gomez were Mr. Kransky's lawyers. FIRST verdict in the USA against Depuy for $8,328,000.

ABC News Australia on Depuy vs. Kransky Case

Attorney Dean Goetz, who represented Mr. Bill Kransky in his trial against Depuy, is interviewed by ABC - the Australian version of the USA 60 Minutes - as the Australian Depuy trials get draw near. Read the transcript and see the whole investigative report into Depuy and those suffering from this massively injurious product recall http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2014-05..


Policy Limit Settlement

Attorney Dean Goetz settled a case involving an insurance agent who hit a Mercedes that made a sudden u-turn in front of him. Mr. M smashed into the Benz and injured his knee. Mr. M had arthroscopic knee surgery and attorney Goetz was able to recover the $100,000 policy limits for Mr. M in spite of a $15,000 offer from the insurance company prior to litigation.


Policy Limit Settlement

Attorney Goetz obtained a $100,000 policy limit recovery for Mr. W who was injured when a truck pulled out in front of him from a parking lot. AW suffered soft tissue back and neck injuries. The initial offer was $18,500.


$1,000,000 + settlement

Construction Accident Case


Seven Figure Settlement

Truck v. Car Auto Crash


$975,000 Settlement

Motorcyclist Hit On Coast Highway


$500,000 Award

Injured Motorcyclist


$400,000 Settlement

Motorcyclist Hit By Truck


Six figure Settlement

Motorcyclist Injured In A Collision


$250,000 Policy Limits Settlement

Oceanside bicyclist who suffered shoulder injury when motorist opened door as he was riding by.


$250,000 policy limits settlement

on case where client last offered $8,600..


$100,000 policy limits settlement

concussion injury and a big reduction of medical insurance lien to increase net monies to client.


$50,000 policy limits settlement.

motorcycle client who incurred soft tissue injuries.


$50,000 policy limits settlement

for woman injured in car accident where insurance offer to client was $10,000..


$50,000 policy limits settlement

rotator cuff injury..



soft tissue injury in low impact auto collision..


Accident Investigation

I have taken third party construction accident cases that other attorney have rejected and obtained large settlements for my clients.

I use highly skilled accident reconstruction experts who can uncover the evidence required to prove third party negligence.

Identify Defendants

Seven Figure settlement

Case for a client who was seriously injured in a truck v car accident where the driver of the truck had only $100,000 insurance coverage. I was able to get this seven figure settlement because

I identified an additional defendant.

Motorcycle Riders

I have obtained numerous settlements at trial and in settlement for motorcycle riders who were injured by cars that pulled out in front of them or made left turns in front of them.

In most of these cases liability was contested but after I had my investigators and accident reconstruction experts investigate and prepare reports, the cases were settled for most often the policy limits.

Challenging Cases

I have represented and obtained sizeable settlements for numerous bicycle riders whose cases were rejected by other attorneys.

These bicycle riders had their cases rejected by other attorneys because they did not want to sue a City or a large road building contractor for negligence and damages. It is a lot of work, but I am proud that I have fought for cyclists rights and succeeded.